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Battle Strategy: Some Practical Advice

Valuable strategy that can help prevent needless scars. Third in a series of three.

In the account of my personal pilgrimage, I resisted giving "practical advice" on lust. There are no ten easy steps to overcome temptation. At times the power of obsession overwhelms all reason or common sense. And yet, throughout the war within, I did learn some valuable strategy, which I will add in hopes of preventing needless scars.

1. Recognize and name the problem. If it's lust, call it lust. You must admit your condition before it can be treated. Much of my earlier rationalizations were blatant attempts to shirk the name lust—I tried to redefine it.

2. Stop feeding lust. Killing fantasies is like trying not to think of a pink elephant, and there is no "magic bullet" solution to this problem. But cutting off desires through diversion, not dwelling on them when they begin, and trying to eliminate some of the mystery can help in the early stages of lust. The farther down the road you travel through books, magazines, films, and personal contacts, the more steps you must one day ...

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