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Fall 1982: Temptation

Volume 3

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In this Issue
Temptations of Ministry: Improving Your Reserve
An Interview with Charles Swindoll
Work: The Silent Crisis
Work: The Silent Crisis
When making a living feels like dying, how can a pastor help?
Ambition and the Assistant Pastor
Keeping healthy perspective.
When the Biggest Church in Town Isn't Yours
When the Biggest Church in Town Isn't Yours
Keeping one eye on the first-place team is a perfectly human—and perilous—thing to do.
Secrets of Harnessing People Power
A conversation with Donald V. Seibert
Counseling Blended Families
How one pastor helps couples ward off second-time failure.
The Scarlet "A" of the Ministry
Ambition is seductive.
Single Women: Doing the Job in Missions
Single Women: Doing the Job in Missions
Many of us never discover our full potential until we're squeezed in the vise of necessity.
Using Temptation's Power
Implications of a Leadership survey
How to Say No Graciously
Saying no at the right times frees us to say yes to God's calling.
Building the Church Staff
The secret of any organization's success is choosing the right people.
Five Temptations of the Pulpit
Preaching is the most visible aspect of ministry—and the most easily misused.
The War Within
The anatomy of lust.
Battle Strategy: Some Practical Advice
Valuable strategy that can help prevent needless scars. Third in a series of three.
Appreciation: A Pastor's Emotional Fuel
Appreciation: A Pastor's Emotional Fuel
Ministers need sincere encouragement, too.
The War Within: An Anatomy of Lust
The War Within: An Anatomy of Lust
It's an invisible sin, and one of the most destructive. In a brutally honest account, one leader tells of his descent into lust and his painful escape.