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3 Ways to Plan Your Preaching

What pastors do to keep their preaching fresh, balanced, and useful.

Author H. G. Wells, whose active mind created The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, and War of the Worlds, knew how precious creative thoughts are.

"Most people think once or twice in a lifetime," he observed. "I've made a reputation of thinking once or twice a month."

Pastors, however, are expected not only to think but to deliver powerful ideas once, twice, even three times a week. It's enough to pale both rosy-cheeked seminarians and ruddy veterans. What is the secret of communicating the Word of God to the people of God without them becoming tired of God?

Parents who love their children try to provide food that's both healthy and tasty. Pastors, too, are in the business of feeding the family. After interviewing pastors from a wide range of denominations, a consensus emerged: balanced diets don't just happen. Pastors must plan a nutritious menu.

Part of the planning problem is the complex role of the sermon. A sermon, like a Swiss army knife, must handle ...

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