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Protecting the Church Treasurer


Don't ask me how it happened, because I honestly don't know.

The facts are these: after several months of stable, predictable giving, the income of Sunrise Christian Fellowship mysteriously dropped 40 percent. Our commitments to people and programs were suddenly pinched. Church leaders naturally turned to their treasurer (me) and began asking questions.

It was then I realized the folly of my being the sole person in the church to count, record, and deposit the offerings. I knew I hadn't had my hand in the till-but how could anyone else be sure? Although no accusations were raised, I was still uncomfortable. I was also greatly relieved when church giving returned to its normal level the next month! We never did figure out what caused the dip.

Many church treasurers are, like me, accountants or businessmen by profession. We view this position as a chance to use our professional skills in God's work. However, unless some financial controls are in place, our integrity ...

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