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Recruiting When No One Wants the Job

For three years Jeff Thompson's recruiting system had run well. He'd had occasional problems, but not one major Christian education position had gone without a qualified person on promotion Sunday. The secret was his annual, churchwide recruitment survey followed by personal interviews that allowed Jeff to match people's gifts with ministry needs.

But now he was stymied. Mary Jenkins had retired from children's church for preschoolers.

She was a legend at Walnut Heights Bible Church (throughout the article, the churches and people named are composites of true situations). For eighteen years, even when the silver-haired lady was the only adult present, children had been touched by her love.

Mom Jenkins's longevity, though, was part of the problem now. Potential leaders balked at the idea of being held captive by 3-year-olds for the next two decades.

Now, four days from promotion Sunday, the position was still unfilled. Dozens of people had been considered, and eight had been approached. Their ...

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