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During a recent performance evaluation, I allowed a long suppressed desire to surface; "I wish elders faced an evaluation of their ministry-not just pastors."

One of the elders picked up on my comment. "I think that's a great idea," he said. "Let's do it!"

So we did.

My associate and I designed a simple tool for our elders to use in self-evaluation. We wanted to help them look at their performance in three areas: their constitutionally mandated responsibilities, their level of visible involvement in church life, and their personal spiritual growth. They were also asked to comment on the overall effectiveness of our board of elders.

Board members responded with enthusiasm when the idea was proposed. The forms were distributed, and they agreed to be ready to discuss their responses at the next month's meeting.

Self-evaluation questions

We asked our elders to consider these six areas:

1. Elders are charged with the primary responsibility of helping believers grow. ...

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