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Even when you don't go looking for a battle with darkness, sometimes there is no avoiding it.

Spiritual warfare. Oppression. Deliverance. The terms are laden with controversy and connotations of demons and exorcism, angels and the armies of heaven. These mysterious matters have become hot topics in many churches. Pastors often wonder what spiritual influences are affecting their counselees. The following four articles offer one pastor's story of an unexpected "spiritual encounter," another pastor's analysis of demonic influence, a third pastor's discussion of what needs to happen after an experience of deliverance, and a Christian psychologist's understanding of the relationship between conversion, deliverance, and therapy.

I'm sure my mouth gaped as the young wife verbally assaulted her husband. She screamed poisonous, vindictive words at him an octave above her normal level.

Although previously she had confessed these violent episodes, I assumed she had exaggerated. Now I witnessed the full force of their fury.

"You're a liar. You've been ...

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