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Remembering the Little Ones

Parents of stillborn, miscarried, or aborted children can suffer for years with unresolved anguish because often there is no rite of closure.

One church has ministered to these hurting parents by holding a memorial service. Casas Adobes Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona, in partnership with the local crisis pregnancy center, publicized a special Sunday evening service.

After an extended time of worship, Pastor Roger Barrier shared his story of losing a child. The Barriers' first daughter, Jessie, was born with serious complications and died at eight months. He told the grieving parents, many of whom were unchurched, of his hope and strength because of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Barrier invited the parents to come to the front of the sanctuary where hundreds of red roses were laid on one table and an ornate crown sat on a pillow in the center of another. Parents were instructed to select a rose in memory of each child they had lost, then to lay the rose on the crown after prayerfully meditating ...

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