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Pastor Keepers

Promise Keepers is planning the largest gathering of ministers in the history of Christianity. Why? On February 13-15, 1996, Promise Keepers is holding a conference for male clergy. If PK fills the Georgia Dome with 70,000 pastors, it would be the largest number of Christian clergy ever assembled. What will Promise Keepers say to men in ministry?

To find out, LEADERSHIP executive editor Marshall Shelley and editor Kevin Miller sat with Dale Schlafer, vice-president of pastoral ministries for Promise Keepers, and Wes Roberts, president of Life Enrichment, a consultant to Schlafer, and a key planner of the conference.

LEADERSHIP: Why are you planning a conference for male clergy?

DALE SCHLAFER: History has shown that clergy-led revivals have a longer impact than lay-led revivals. Understanding that, we hope the Holy Spirit will move at the clergy conference--across denominational traditions and ethnic traditions--and bring 70,000 ministers together. We hope to see pastors go back to their churches ...

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