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How do you get more men teaching Sunday school? Have a "Men's Month."

Our staff at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Southgate, Michigan, decided June would be "Men's Month" because Father's Day comes in June.

We prayed about men we thought would make good Sunday school teachers or aides. Early in the spring, we started sending them anonymous flyers that read: "Men's Month … it's coming." This slogan also appeared in our newsletter and bulletins starting in April. Soon people were asking, "What is this `Men's Month'?"

Next, we mailed an anonymous cassette tape marked PLAY ME to each man on our list. It opened with the "Mission Impossible" theme song (using kazoos), then challenged the person with, "Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to be a male role model for our Sunday school." We promised that each man would have a partner, get special training, receive a boutonniere on Father's Day, and be invited to the teacher appreciation banquet. The tape concluded by adding ...

From Issue:Spring 1995: Evangelism
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