Stronger in the Second Half

  1. Donald Shoff: Why I Threw Out My Old Sermons

  2. Fred Smith: Questions to Ask at Midlife

  3. Jack Hayford: Your Season of Ministry


I had a choice: grow or quit.

My wife, Judy, and I came home following another typically dead and poorly attended Sunday evening service. We drove into the garage, hit the button, and listened as the garage door closed. We sat quiet in the darkness for several minutes.

Finally, I said, "Honey, is this the end of the line? Am I too old to minister effectively anymore?"

Without hesitation she answered, "Yes, I think you are. But it doesn't have to do with your age. Your preaching puts people to sleep. You rarely get excited about anything. You don't feel anything deeply anymore. You're dead, and you're killing the church.

"You used to preach with power. Now you are just mouthing words. The people are bored. I'm bored. You're bored. You need to put your heart and soul into serving this church or resign and let them find someone who can."

I knew she ...

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