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What Every Church Leader Ought to Know

  1. Some people will tell you it doesn't matter if you visit certain shut-ins. Watch these people; they will lie about other things as well.

  2. When you get the call at ten in the morning, and they ask, "Did I wake you pastor?" resist the temptation for a cute remark.

  3. Don't put people on committees to shut them up--unless it is a committee without real power or function. There should be several of those.

  4. If you make a pastoral visit and no one is home, leave a card or note. They will appreciate your effort.

  5. Don't spend more time trying to activate inactive members than you do looking for new members.

  6. Call ahead on hospital visits because they sometimes discharge surprisingly early.

  7. Someone will compliment any sermon.

  8. If you have a staff, let them do their job.

  9. Most people who get angry at you aren't. They're mad at God and life.

  10. If you are asked to speak in public outside your church, cut out five to ten minutes of the time you think you should take.

  11. Don't expect to be treated fairly in the ministry. No one else is.

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