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Cutting-Edge Communication

Some educators are fond of saying that preaching is the weakest form of communication. They conclude that dialogue is better. Small groups are better. Anything is better than preaching.

Don't believe it. Some things can be said more effectively in a sermon than in any other form of communication.

Appealing to heart and mind.

Have you ever seen a discussion group that really speaks to both heart and mind? I've never seen it done well. You tend to get groups that express emotions but have no substance, or Bible studies structured around a lecture and intellectual discussion.

Rarely have I left a small group thinking, Tonight the Spirit of God was powerfully manifest among us by his truth through his Word. I may have been edified and had good fellowship; I do not deny the importance of small groups and relationships in the church. But they cannot do what preaching at its best can do—appeal to the heart and mind simultaneously.

Building evidence.

It is difficult in a small group to pile ...

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