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In pastoral work, boomers and busters receive a lot of attention. But what about the generation that preceded both of them?

In Sun City, Arizona, a mecca for active retired adults, we've learned how to reach and motivate the builder generation. We've had to. Grace Bible Church is essentially a one-generation church-those 65 and older. Here are several myths-and the corresponding truths-about ministry to "older" folks.

Myth 1: Retired means retiring from ministry

The truth is that retirees are motivated by the same thing as younger generations: the chance to invest themselves in meaningful ministry. We emphasize the assets senior adults have to invest:


Retired adults have a reservoir of experience. Many of us have grown up with a biblical value system instilled in childhood. We are more in charge of our time than we've ever been.


We have no need to impress anyone, so we're not afraid to share our failures. One wonderful thing about retired adults is that ...

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