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According to the Bergen (N.J.) Record, the zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently put a human couple on display. Henrik Lehmann and Malene Botoft live in a see-through cage, in the primate display, next to the baboons and the monkeys.

Their 320-square-foot habitat has a living room with furniture, a computer, a television, and stereo. The kitchen and bedroom are part of the display. Only the bathroom is excluded from public view.

Unlike their neighbors, who aren't allowed out, the two humans occasionally leave their fishbowl existence to shop and water the flowers on their porch back at home.

"We don't notice visitors anymore," said Lehmann. "If I want to pick my nose or my toes now, I do it."

We would do well to remember that people are watching the way we live. "In everything set them an example by doing what is good" (Titus 2:7).


William Plummer and Bonnie Bell wrote in People: "The Northwestern University Wildcats shocked the world of college football in 1995 by making it ...

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