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Recommended reading from the horizon watchers.

Soul Tsunami:
Sink or Swim in the New Millennium Culture
Leonard Sweet

(Zondervan, 1999)
The wave of change is rising, and Sweet describes ten "life rings" the church must grab. Each ring is followed by "say what?" and "now what?" sections showing how churches can use the information. Tsunami has a companion Web site, extensive footnotes, and real church examples. My favorite ring: Get EPIC (experiential, participatory, image-based, communal). Sweet says high tech must meet high touch. This is a challenging book, to be taken in small bites. His follow-up, AquaChurch, profiles 12 congregations applying the principles

Discontinuity and Hope: Radical Change and the Path to the FutureLyle Schaller (Abingdon, 1999)Schaller always adds a sense of history. In his familiar, conversational style, he leads readers through the seemingly random and disconnected changes of the late twentieth century. These include shifts from small entities to ...

From Issue:Fall 1999: The Forecast
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