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"Atmosphere" may not be as tangible as plans and priorities, buildings and budgets, but it's even more fundamental.

Everybody wants "community" these days. What makes it so elusive?

In today's society, with groups fragmenting into smaller and smaller niches, how can leaders keep things from flying apart? One element essential to sustaining community is atmosphere.

"Atmosphere" may seem intangible, but you can't live without it.

"With the right spirit, a clumsy church structure will work," said long-time pastor Malcolm Cronk. "Without the right spirit, an ideal structure won't work."

This issue of Leadership focuses on a subject that combines spirit and structure: keeping your church's climate conducive to spiritual growth. Every church desires faithful and effective ministry. So we offer ways to affect the atmospheric forces that so profoundly influence your community of faith.

This issue's theme makes this a natural opportunity to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Leadership's efforts to ...

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