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Latest Research on Christian Parents

Surprises about Christianity in the home.

Recently, the national press has devoted extensive coverage to children's and family issues. With that in mind, a recent study sponsored by Christian Parenting Today, a publication of Christianity Today International, provides data on how its subscribers are rearing their children. The survey addresses such questions as: How do Christian parents rate their church's children's programs? Are Christian families too busy for devotions? Do Christian parents care what their kids watch on TV, see at the movies, or do online?

Busy Families

Not including work and school, the typical family spends more than seven hours each week in organized activities outside the home. Even with all this activity, Christian families still have dinner together five or six nights a week, according to the survey. Most families turn off the TV (64%) and wait until everyone is present before eating (59%). Nearly nine in ten families (88%) pray before the evening meal. While eating dinner, nearly all families (95%) discuss ...

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