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How to Pray In The Current Crisis

In times of crisis, people look to Christian leaders for comfort and guidance. They want us to lead them in prayer.
But how should we pray about the terrorist attacks on September 11?
My pastor wrote the following set of prayers, which people seemed to greatly appreciate. I offer them to you for you and your church's times of prayer.
—Kevin Miller
Editor, Leadership Weekly

Lord God, comfort all those who mourn for their loved ones. We pray for those who have lost fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, family and friends. May your people surround them with your love.

Lord God, comfort all children who have their imaginations filled with terror. Give them pictures of hope from their parents, friends, school, and church family.

Lord God, bring stability to our country. We pray for the President of the United States and all those in government. Grant them wisdom, sobriety of mind and heart, compassion and determination. We pray for your justice and mercy.

Lord God, you have taught ...

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