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"Have you read Jabez yet?"

Your congregation has probably asked. So, how are you handling their latest pop-Christian fascination?

I may be the only Christian in America who has not read The Prayer of Jabez. A church member asked me about it, so I looked up the verses. Must have a lot of pictures, I thought.

I first thought people were buying into another "open says-a-me" to get whatever they want. But then I heard author Bruce Wilkinson on the radio. He told the history of this prayer in his life, how for decades he has used it for his goal-setting and action. That made sense. He genuinely seemed to see this prayer as a way to accept God's willingness to answer.

What's a pastor to do with theological fads? (Isn't that an oxymoron?) Sometimes I ignore them. Sometimes I read the books so I can discuss them. My people can generally separate the chaff from the wheat.

Together we've survived The Late, Great Planet Earth, Chariots of the Gods, 88 Reasons, and more. My only fear with Jabez is that ...

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