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Borrowing Trouble?

The church I attend has a problem—a good problem, but still a problem. We have run out of space and we're landlocked. These issues have been the grist for leadership discussions.

Elder Bob: "We need to face the facts! We have four worship services on Sunday mornings. We're parking cars bumper to bumper, but we still have to run a shuttle service to the public parking garage. And we're renting space to hold Sunday school."

Executive Pastor Jim: "Well, if we are facing the facts, then you all should be aware that we are beginning to see some real strain on the budget. We've added staff to meet our growing needs, but giving just isn't keeping pace. The bulk of our giving this year won't come in until the last few weeks of December. We could run out of cash by August."

Elder John: "In my business we lined up a mortgage to finance the construction of a new facility and a line of credit from our bank to solve the cash flow problem. Maybe it's time for our church to do the same!"

Elder Bill. "It ...

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