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Leadership's Top 40: #14

Vic's War

50 years after a regrettable bombing raid, a vet ends his silence ... because a pastor knew what to ask, and when.
Vic's War

We are highlighting the top 40 articles that Leadership Journal has published in its 36 years, including this one from 2003.

When my sister and I were very young, our mother taught us history and politics. She spoke little of her considerable suffering in the Great Depression; instead she described the unregulated market booms of the 1920s, the tragedy of uninsured savings, and how Franklin Roosevelt did the country a lot of good even though he was a Democrat.

She relished telling us about World War II. Over the years she described her generation's war with a strong sense of God's intervention and fervent patriotism, with one exception—the fire bombing of Dresden. At Dresden, she said, we had acted like our enemies and this was wrong.

When I was four, my mother's stepfather, Bernard, stayed with us for a couple weeks to help with some home repairs. Grandpa Bernard was medium in just about everything except for what a boy cares about: he fought in World War II and he drove ...

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