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You don't have to be a computer expert to have success with multimedia in your services.

I knew what I didn't want in the multimedia presentations in our worship service. I didn't want our video system to be a glorified overhead projector, where the congregation fills in the blanks on their sermon handouts. I wanted multimedia to enhance our worship experience, so that it compelled hearts to surrender to Christ.

But where is the Spirit in a "slideshow"? And how do I "bitmap" the movements of worship?

I wanted to make my sermons visually engaging. I wanted every worshiper to leave with a picture in mind of a Scripture, a quote, or a story that spoke to them. But I didn't know GIF from peanut butter. I needed to be rescued by a geek.

High touch, then high tech

Quality multimedia was important in our new church, I was convinced. But who could do it? Multimedia requires thinking outside the box, and, in my experience, finding the right people to launch the ministry required thinking outside the church at first.

We wanted someone with Christ-like character, a heart to serve, and ...

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