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When You're the Firing Squad

Are you making those tough decisions for the right reason?

Nearly 20 years ago, I found myself in a difficult situation with a work colleague whom I treasured. I had to exclude this person from a project. I knew this action would wound terribly, but I had to do what was right rather than what would feel best. I found this situation pushing me to an emotional and spiritual breaking point.

In the midst of the crisis, I sought out my boss, Bruce Larson. After discussion and prayer, Bruce led me from his office with his arm around my shoulder saying, "I am convinced you are acting in love; but, the real problem is that nobody knows what color love is." I walked toward my office pondering Bruce's comment.

As I sat in contemplation, I received a visual image, perhaps from the Holy Spirit, of this large woven basket-box my Grandma Rowland had for all the grandkids. It contained hundreds of crayons in every color produced by the Crayola company. I imagined myself digging through all of these colors seeking the one that was "love" for my particular situation. ...

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