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Leader's Insight: What Disillusioned 20-Somethings Want

This young, former church staffer is tired of church as we know it.

Sarah Cunningham has left the church, at least as most of us know it. But she believes in "keeping the faith" and "tradition." The 28-year-old PK (pastor's kid) and former megachurch staffer now teaches high school history and is part of a house church in Jackson, Michigan. She is the author of Dear Church: Letters from a Disillusioned Generation (Zondervan, 2006).

Are you a "friendly outsider" or a "provocative insider" in relation to the church?

Definitely a provocative insider. I was raised in a pastor's family and went to a Christian college. I do have a really firm grasp on doctrine, and I have a strong hold on tradition as well. I feel a sense of tension in trying to speak the truth, of not trying to keep the silence, but please know that I am also keeping the faith.

If you could say one thing to church leaders, what would you tell them?

I would say that faith systems that don't compel transformation are empty. I feel like a lot of the reason that Generation Y has come to a point of ...

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