January 2007

Preaching the Word in an Image–Oriented CultureSubscriber Access Only
Reconcile verbal communication with visual communication.
Leader's Insight: Curing Grandiosity (Part 2)Subscriber Access Only
I'm no Superman. So why do I feel the need to do the impossible?
Sundance Film Festival: Report 2Subscriber Access Only
The pastoral call to "interpretive leadership."
Leader's Insight: The Subtle Sin of Grandiosity (Part 1)Subscriber Access Only
Is my life in ministry helping or hurting my walk with Christ?
Heaven, Harvard, and Other Parent ChoicesSubscriber Access Only
I like to say that the goal for my children is heaven, not Harvard (which is a great thing, since none of my dear kids seems destined for the latter!).
The Gates of HellSubscriber Access Only
Shane Claiborne wants to tear down the walls that separate us.
Loving the Hell Out of PeopleSubscriber Access Only
Shane Claiborne on ministering to those trapped in hell on earth.
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