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Where Are the Leaders?

Equipping the next generation for leadership.

Your pastor suddenly announces that he's retiring. A major industry in your community closes and your leadership moves away. Your congregation grows and you suddenly realize your current leaders are unable to keep up with the demands on their time.

These events are part of the natural flow of life. But it still leaves churches with a constant challenge—where do you find qualified leaders to replace those who have left?

There are two questions we need to answer:

  1. What is God looking for in a church leader?
  2. How can you get that leader for your congregation?

What is God looking for in a church leader?

In John 13, Christ gives us a picture of leadership. Immediately after washing the disciples' feet, he asked them if they knew the real meaning of what he had done.

Jesus then taught them an important double-edged lesson. Messages on this Scripture often focus only on the serving aspect of this lesson. But notice what Jesus says afterwards: "You call me 'Teacher' and 'Lord' and rightly so, for ...

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