Selecting the Right People is the Key to Successful Leadership

Key ingredients for potential leaders.

In a speech to West Point cadets following the Persian Gulf War, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf put into perspective not only our strength in the military but also our strength in business, church and family. Addressing the young men and women who will play a leading role in our country's military future, Schwarzkopf said: "In the final analysis, you should never forget that the airplanes don't fly, the tanks don't run, the ships don't sail, the missiles don't fire, unless the sons and daughters of America make them do it. It's just that simple."

Leaders must realize the critical need of selecting the right people is more important than ever, and people's importance is more powerful than ever. As Schwarzkopf also said, "If they fail, their leader fails."

People are any organization's foundation. Think about it. In a family, without people meals are not prepared, money is not earned, bills are not paid, love and care are not given, safety and security are not provided. In a business, without ...

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