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Stewardship for Small Churches

Eight great stewardship ideas.

Look over the following list of eight ideas for cultivating a stronger sense of stewardship in the small church. Make a note of any that you have tried and what the response was in the congregation. Was it positive? Choose one of the newer items on the list and plan to try it in the next four months. Remember: Stewardship is more than financial giving. It is a sense of thanksgiving for all that God has given us, including care giving for the world around us! Try one of these ideas in your church soon.

  1. Help people in the congregation see a real need—not just a challenge to meet the bottom line in the budget amount. Whenever possible place a face on special appeals, financial needs, clothing or food drives, or emergency crisis by inviting those knowledgeable about the situation to speak about what is happening and why the church's support is vital. Small churches are relational.
  2. Create fun fundraising events that involve the larger area around where your congregation is located (village, town, or even city.) Be the small church that can! People enjoy participating in good causes that capture their attention. One small church raised thousands of dollars for volunteer emergency medical services in its small town by having a "pumpkin hurling" in the fall. One year the event drew the attention of a major TV network when it was discovered that the men of the church had designed a pumpkin canon to throw the pumpkins. They had thousands attend. The next year they challenged NASA.
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