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The Role of the Pastor in Evangelism

Personal and corporate involvement in evangelism.

The pastor is the catalyst to the overall success of any outreach program. His input, involvement, and example are paramount. Unfortunately, many pastors are expected to either attend or at least verbally support every ministry activity in the church. He becomes the designated "cheerleader" for every ministry. His desire as a pastor is to see every ministry that is Christ honoring and kingdom building succeed. However, there is only so much of him to go around. Unfortunately, many pastors become so spread out and divided among ministry activities that they are rendered ineffective.

Implementing a Plan of Evangelism

As the pastor or church leader, your role in your church's evangelism efforts is crucial. I want to address this responsibility from two perspectives: personal and corporate.

Personal Involvement

  1. Live the gospel every day. By this I mean that it ought to be your personal goal each week to share the gospel with someone and see that person come to faith in Jesus Christ. Try winning someone to Christ who is outside your comfort zone or circle of influence. Have you ever noticed that every evangelist that comes to your church has a story about witnessing to a complete stranger while traveling on an airplane? I say this not to be flippant but rather to make a point that most of these people practice what they preach. A true evangelist's heart is bent toward lost souls. Because as pastors we are to "do the work of an evangelist," we need to reach out beyond our comfort zones and share the gospel with people we don't know.

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