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Value Added

Ways to mentor other leaders.

My development of leaders begins with a clear purpose. I'm always asking, "How can I add value to the person I lead?" I advise pastors not to go to a new church and ask, "Who's going to help me?" Instead, look around, find out who the leaders are, and ask, "How can I add value to them?"

We can do this in several ways.

One is to ask people to be part of a great vision. Having a cause worth dying for is the greatest reason to live. This is enhanced when you treat people as your greatest asset. We all believe this is true when we first meet people, but after we've worked with them awhile and seen their weaknesses, it's a little tougher to believe.

Adding value to people also comes from listening to them. If I know their hearts, I know exactly where to add value. I can help to develop the part of them they want to see developed, not what I happen to need at the time. This prevents me from using people.

Or I ask, "What is their unique contribution?" Then I equip people according to their gifts ...

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