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Good and Faithful

How can church leaders help people handle money wisely?

Ray Linder, MBA, is a pastor, CEO of Goodstewardship.com, and author of three books, including What Will I Do With My Money? Ray serves on the ministry staff of Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg, Virginia.

Building Church Leaders, a leadership-training resource published by Christianity Today International, asked him how church leaders can help their people be responsible with God-given resources.

Q: How can we help people in our church learn to be good and faithful stewards?

A: Too many Christians don't know that money is a dominant topic in the Bible. One survey found that only 51 percent of people believed the Bible contained guidance about money. But the Bible has more than 2,500 direct references to money. The New Testament says more about money than about heaven and hell combined. Five times more is said about money than prayer and faith.

Therefore, church leaders need to emphasize teaching about money because God has given great emphasis on it in his Word.

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