The New Reality In Motivation

How to deal with the growing gap between key leaders and the grassroots.

Pastors and key leaders scratch their heads and wonder, How will I motivate my congregation? In the coming decade, the motivations of compassion and community will stir the grassroots to action and generosity.

However, pastors and leaders who continue to approach the congregation with the motivations of challenge, reasonability, and commitment will be disappointed. They will simply see an increasing motivational gap between themselves and the grassroots.

In meeting after meeting, leaders say to one another, "If people were only more committed … " "If they would just rise to the challenge … "

The leaders are broadcasting on the frequencies of challenge and commitment, but few in the grassroots are tuned in. The appeal goes unheard, so the same few people end up receptive and responding year after year. Most people today are tuned elsewhere: to compassion and community.

You've lost that lovin' feelin'

While all five motivations on my list are at work, in most people ...

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