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Showing Dads We Care

What media can do this Father's Day

A card, and maybe a tie, a sweater, or some golf balls.

That's the extent of Father's Day for many dads. Don't get me wrong: we dads don't mind receiving gifts, especially when they come from our kids. There's the possibility, however, for this Father's Day to be something special, and for dads to be recognized and encouraged not just at home, but also at church. How can you make this Father's Day one that will really have an impact on the lives of all of the dads (and, hopefully, everyone else) in your congregation?

Use media

A stereotype of dads (one that is, unfortunately, true of me!) is that we love to watch TV—especially if there's a remote control involved. This fact gives those of us who are involved in the creation of worship services an instant "in" with dads when we use video and other visual media. In fact, video can be an excellent, "non-preachy" way to communicate to dads the message of Father's Day: their families love them, and so does God!

A good rule of thumb when designing ...

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