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Choose Your Own (Thanksgiving) Adventure

Thanksgiving media ideas for almost any church.

Let's imagine a street corner in your average American suburb. Actually, it could be a small town, a city—it doesn't matter where. This particular intersection (created by Church Street and Chapel Road) has a church on each of its four corners.

Let's also imagine that each of our corner churches is significantly different from the others in style, but that each church is similar in that they use projected visual media to supplement the live elements of their services. Around Thanksgiving, people are going to walk in the doors of these churches to worship, to learn—or maybe because they were dragged there. In each church, plans for worship are being put together and various processes are taking place to make decisions as to what visual media will be used. Let's take a look at each of our churches and how they are getting ready to make Thanksgiving something special for their congregations:

Church A: The "contemporary" church

We'll call our first church "Church A." Church A considers ...

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