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September 2007

The “We’re In, You’re Out” Mentality
The emerging response to evangelicalism's black and white thinking.
Reverse Mentoring
The new learning curve is from the bottom up.
3 Surprises on What Pastors Get Paid
Results from Christianity Today International’s latest nationwide research
Leader's Insight: Spotting New Leaders
They may not step forward. Here's how to find the leaders you need.
Prayer: From Seeker to Sought
This month, let's consider the spiritual practice of prayer. Prayer not as ritual but as a means to relationship; as conversation initiated by the Holy Spirit, in which our primary role is to listen.
Ministry-Parent Communication
For the last week, I have been tracking my junk mail. In five days I received the following …
The Gap between Rhetoric and Reality
The President's speechwriter on the challenges of practicing what we preach.
What are two or three ways your church has reached out to the neighboring community to draw it in?
John Sommerville is pastor of City Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serves on the board of Christianity Today.
What Pastors Get Paid
Results from Christianity Today International's latest nationwide research.
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