It's a Flat World After All

Glocalization: How Followers of Christ Engage the New Flat Earth book review.

I live in a small Canadian town, on a cul-de-sac with four homes. One of my neighbors is from Tanzania. Her father is a pastor, and her mother is a Muslim. Her Canadian husband lives most of the year in the Congo and speaks with an Afrikaner accent though he's never lived in South Africa. In another house lives a young couple. He was born in Canada, she is a second generation Pakistani.

In the third home is a middle-aged couple with three children. She was born in Canada, and he to a native Canadian father and a first-generation Indian mother. Their children mix these genes in exotic combinations.

A stone's throw from us is a Sikh Temple and three Coast Salish Native Big Houses. And I don't live in a city. It's a small town with an economy based on logging. Yet the world lives here.

This is the world Bob Roberts Jr. sets out to describe in Glocalization: How Followers of Christ Engage the New Flat Earth.

Today, cultures blend and intersect with an ever-quickening intensity and intricacy. Technology, ...

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