November 2008

God's Simple AnswerSubscriber Access Only
One of my favorite indulgences, which I treat myself to a few times a year, is Real Simple magazine. I find it somewhat ironic that a magazine about simplicity has slick ads for so much stuff, but it's still a fun magazine to read.
Tony Jones Blesses Gay Marriage & OrdinationSubscriber Access Only
The former Emergent coordinator blogs about his views on faith and sexuality.
The AdulteressSubscriber Access Only
A stone's throw from grace
Cartoon: DoctrineSubscriber Access Only
A classic cartoon by Doug Hall.
Leading from the Back of the PackSubscriber Access Only
If you're in last place, here's good news.
Maximum Ministry
How churches can successfully discern and answer God's call to serve.
Dan Kimball on Liturgy, Church Buildings, and Senior PastorsSubscriber Access Only
What actually brings new people to church?
Developing a Vision When You're Not a VisionarySubscriber Access Only
Six methods for catching a vision.
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