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Q: Our worship team squabbles alot. How can I get us to work together?

A: It doesn't happen by accident. It takes a continual and concerted effort—along with the blessing of the Lord—to have healthy teams where those involved are called to a higher purpose than themselves. But when teams like this exist, they can transform not only those within the church, but the whole community. Healthy teams are great witnesses.

Team building can be daunting, but I have found a few practical steps.

In the early years at Saddleback, our small group program was not as well developed as it is now. So our relationships revolved more around our worship team activities. Today every attender, including worship team members, is encouraged to be in a small group, so we have to work harder to create community within the teams.

I plan community-building time in every meeting and rehearsal. The rehearsal is about so much more than music; the heart is more important than the art. We want the Lord at the ...

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