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Straight Talk About Mother's Day

Editor's note:
Dad: This column contains valuable advice specifically for you.
Moms: Print this column and place it where he's sure to see it.
Ministry leaders: Distribute this to dads and you'll accomplish serious "family ministry."

A critical day approaches. One that requires deliberate effort to get right. Yes, a day that should cause mom to say, "Well done." (Sorry, but I just can't get myself to write "good and faithful servant.")

And, unfortunately, a day that—as a dad—I often got wrong. Nothing disastrous, but nothing successful, either. Mom deserves better.

So I'll start with an urgent plea: Dads, get Mother's Day right this year! It's up to you to make it happen, and the secrets to success that other, wiser dads taught me might surprise you—so keep reading.

Before I share the secrets, though, let me explain why this column is worth your time and attention.

First, I implore you to ignore any comments from your children's mother that nobody needs to make a big ...

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