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Chip and Dan Heath: How to Change When Change Is Hard

from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit: Craig Groeschel, pastor of Lifechurch.tv, interviews Chip and Dan Heath, authors of best-selling book Made to Stick, about their just-releasing book, Switch: How to Change When Change Is Hard.

John Heinz, of University of Virginia, talks of the human rider atop a 6-ton elephant, an image of the human rider knowing where to go, but the elephant is a big mass. When we want to change, we also have part of us that does not want to change. We want to lose weight; we also want to eat the cookie.

Crystal Jones, a 1st grade teachers in an inner-city school, wants to help students get on the path toward graduation from high school, but that goal means nothing to them. So she motivates them this way: "If you're willing to work hard, we're going to make you 3rd graders by the end of this year." On the playground, those 3rd graders are like Olympic heroes. And so by partway through the year, she has the kids go through a graduation ceremony to 2nd grade. ...

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