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Reader's Story: Befriending Immigrants

The opportunities are closer than you think.

In response to our latest resource on refugee and immigrant ministry, BCL reader Don Byers passed on this encouraging story from Jay Bell, director of Internationals USA, Grace Brethren International Missions:

Recently we conducted our workshop (on reaching other cultures in America) in the Community of Grace Church, Richmond, Virginia. The chairman of their Mission Commission is a police captain named Hal Moser. On the Monday after the workshop, Hal routinely stopped by his favorite up-scale grocery story to get a cup of his favorite up-scale coffee. But this time he walked into the store with a different set of lenses. For the first time he saw an Asian working behind the sushi counter. Hal thought, "I wonder if the material Jay and Jan shared really works?"

He decided to give it a try. He walked up to the sushi-maker, said good morning, and asked the gentleman his name and where he was from. Hal learned his name was Win, and that he was from Burma, and that he's been in the U.S. for ...

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