Great Expectations

How high should expectations be for choir and worship team members?

Q: How high do you set expectations for choir or worship team members, and how do you enforce them?

A: From the beginning, I have tried to raise the bar at Saddleback. During the audition process we emphasize three core commitments: commitment to attendance, commitment to spiritual growth, and commitment to musical excellence. Team members are expected to fulfill their commitment to the ministry season by attending at least 80 percent of the rehearsals, sing in all five of the services (once a month), and memorize their songs. We ask that everyone be involved in a small group and make it a priority to complete the church's core curriculum.

It is not a requirement that a choir, orchestra, or technical team member be a Christian. However, they must not hurt the church's reputation with their lifestyle. Members that cannot fulfill their commitment may not participate, and they will have to convince the director of a renewed commitment at the next audition. We re-audition the entire choir ...

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