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Character Test: Our Words

How would our conversations change if a webcam and mic followed us throughout the day?

We recently broadcast a webinar focused on the importance of kid-centered communications. If you attended, thank you. If you didn't, we missed you.

And you missed a funny moment.

The broadcast involved two locations. The host in one—and I sat in another office. Two computers, two webcams, two microphones, two people. Seems like easy math so far. At the end of the webinar, though, only one person clicked "End session" on his computer. Because the webinar involved two of everything else, others assumed I did the same. Unfortunately, I didn't. So when everyone involved with the production gathered in the office where I sat, the camera and mic remained on.

None of us knew.

After several minutes of group talking, a colleague ran into our office to share the alarming news: "You're still broadcasting!"

As we all quickly glanced at the computer, we could see our images on the screen. And in that same moment, everyone wondered the same question: Others could hear us, so what did we say?

Nothing ...

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