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No Such Thing as Secrets

Privacy, transparency, trust--how do they factor into the life of a church leader?

WikiLeaks shocked the world with its shared secrets. The world expressed outrage, and then ran to their computers to read them.

Secrets leak because they are useful, powerful, or entertaining – and they appeal to the pull of our sinful nature. The ease of sharing secrets in the social-media era should be a reminder to Christian leaders of a timeless ground rule of life: there are no secrets.

Don't share what you don't want public.

Unless you're absolutely positive of someone else's trust, don't tell what you don't expect to become public. Enjoy learning to lead by sharing openly within your ministry, because whatever you're trying to keep secret is likely to be found out anyway.

- Consider the end of "best kept secret in Washington" – the identity of Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate source – that came to light after 27 years when FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt admitted he was "Deep Throat."

- Consider the stories of Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Bernie Madoff, Mark McGuire, Tom DeLay, Mark Samford, ...

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