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February 2011

The Courage to Worship ... Like a Child
We who lead children have a front row seat to unedited, uninhibited worship. And if we're brave, we'll learn to worship in that same way.
Ur Video: Women in Ministry (Part 3)
N.T. Wright gives a biblical case for the full inclusion of women in the orders of the church.
Ur Video: Women in Ministry (Part 2)
God's intent is for men to lead the family, and a church is a family. Agree?
Ur Video: Women in Ministry (Part 1)
We begin a new video series looking at the different viewpoints on women in church leadership.
Matt Chandler: How Cancer Has Changed Me
Mortality brings a new definition of success and appreciation for God's grace.
Has Your Ministry Experienced an Epic Fail?
We can not only learn from ministry failures -- we can use them to glorify God.
Leadership Lessons Found On Skis
As a beginner on cross-country skis, I am noticing many parallels between my newfound sport and ministry leadership.
Are We Afraid of Single Pastors? (Part 2)
Are We Afraid of Single Pastors? (Part 2)
Where did the prejudice against single pastors come from, and how do we move past it?