Eleven Trends for 2011

Strategist Will Mancini says small, social, and tech-savvy churches will be gaining momentum in the year ahead.

Will Mancini, church "clarity evangelist" and author of Church Unique, is committed to helping churches find their vision for ministry. His work gives him an interesting view of the ministry landscape. Below are his predictions about new and enduring trends we can expect in North American ministry in 2011 and beyond. This post originally appeared at Will's blog. We've condensed it here with his permission.

1: Increasing diversity of opinion about what good vision and strategy look like

In 2010, Craig Groeschel posted on the Death of the 5 Year Plan, yet vision mavens like Jim Collins still talk about 20-year BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). To add to the confusion, the list of "how-to-do-church" books grows exponentially. We've gone from simple, deep, organic and total to sticky, viral, dangerous and hybrid. Are we getting clear yet?

2: Articulating the biggest picture will be the leader's greatest asset

Every church leader is saturated with countless best practices, bombarded with more ...

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