Let There Be Light!

Through partnering with schools, we can bring light and hope to children locked in darkness and despair.

Many times I've watched the blue sky over Lake Michigan turn gray. Soon after, the rhythm of playful waves yields to a low grumble and growl; prelude to bad weather and consequences my community must endure.

Too often, lightning causes lights to flicker. Sometimes all goes dark. And quiet. Life makes a sudden, dramatic change when the power goes out. We hear: "Our crews will work around the clock to get the lights back on." We trust they'll fix the problems. We believe life will return to normal.

If only life worked like that for children. For too many kids, the light never returns after a storm. Eventually, they abandon hope that it ever will. And life's noise keeps others from noticing their silence.

A missing parent or parents from divorce, death, illness, or incarceration. Desperation caused by short- or long-term poverty. Strained or strange relationships with adults. Frequent moves, meaning infrequent friends. Emotional challenges. Behavior challenges. Loneliness.

Every child arrives ...

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