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Why Is Hospitality Ministry So Important?

Ten mind-blowing facts to fuel your hospitality ministry.

Every month for the last decade, the Auxano team has conducted ministry observations during weekend services. We call it the Guest Perspective Evaluation. Here is why I keep this strategic component in Auxano's toolbox. Okay, each reality by itself may not be mind-blowing, but when you put them all together, the case is staggering and couldn't be more compelling.

1. You will have more guests in one year than you think. Our "information gathering" in churches doesn't even capture the majority of guests. Auxano research shows that five to eight percent of your worshipping community will self-identify as guests. Therefore the number of guests in one year is:

[ (Ave. weekly worship attendance) x (.05) x (52)]

2. Many of your guests are going through situations that make them more responsive to God. These are the folks that are most likely to be moving, changing jobs, getting divorced, having kids, etc.

3. Your guests are assessing very quickly whether or not they are coming back. This happens ...

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