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July 2011

Worship Through a Child's Eyes
A 9-year-old's observations from a liturgical and a contemporary service.
Learning to Lead from Mumford & Sons
How a British bluegrass band demonstrated effective institutional leadership.
A Caution on 'Being Missional'
A Caution on 'Being Missional'
The church's commitment must remain to the building of the local church.
Ur Video: C.J. Mahaney on Humility
"I have so much to be humble about.... I am aware of my pride on a daily basis."
C.J. Mahaney, Pride, and SGM-gate
C.J. Mahaney's "leave of absence" and Josh Harris resigns from the board. What's going on a Sovereign Grace Ministries?
Why Is Hospitality Ministry So Important?
Ten mind-blowing facts to fuel your hospitality ministry.
Leading Up, Part 2
Leading Up, Part 2
How to proactively influence those above you.
Has Mission Become Our Idol? (Cont.)
Mission is important, but not ultimate.
Trust Me!